Dooby Doobert is DJ Nova's first known song. There is also a music video.

Lyrics Edit


DJ Nova

DJ Nova...

It all began on a scrummy morning time to stop

I was the most sad idiot around

She was the most dooby doobert, she was my dooby doobert

My scooby scoobert, my doobert

We used to kick two ways together, back then

We wanted to kick together, around the world

We wanted it all... DJ Nova!

One late time to stop, one scrummy time to stop

We decided to kick too much

Together we tasted afro

So sweaty, so sweaty

From that moment up, our relationship changed

She goes rain

And then it happened, oh no, oh no

She rubbed a criminal

Alas a criminal

My scoobert, low hat


It was bright, so bright

The next day I told

My tool had broken

I took my arms and burst into flames (But I was actually overreacting a little)


But still she's in my thoughts

I think about it Oreo

Think that time to stop

That scrummy morning time to stop

I, my eyes OUT!!!

When I think of that

Dooby doobert

Dooby dooby dooby doobert

That dooby doobert

That scooby dooby dooby doobert

That dooby doobert

Dooby dooby doobert AND ME.

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